Top 10 Checklist Items For Your Home This Summer

Hey there, Houstonians! Summer's just around the corner, and while we welcome the sunshine and Vitamin D, that Texas heat can bring its own set of challenges for our abodes. But fear not, fellow residents! With a little preparation, your home can be a summer oasis, ready to handle the rising temperatures.  Here's a sizzling summer checklist to keep your Houston haven happy and healthy:

1. AC Check-Up: Beat the heat before it beats you! Schedule a pre-season tune-up for your air conditioner with a reputable Houston HVAC company. A well-maintained AC saves energy, keeps your cool, and avoids those dreaded summer breakdowns.

2. Sprinkler System Spritz: Remember that sprinkler system you used religiously last summer? Time to wake it up! Ensure proper coverage for your lawn and adjust the schedule for those scorching Houston afternoons. Bonus points for using a smart irrigation system – Mother Nature and your wallet will thank you!

3. Patio Paradise: Transform your patio into a summer escape! String up some festive lights, add comfy seating, and create a shaded haven with an umbrella or retractable awning.

4. Block the Blaze: Keep that heat out! Invest in blackout curtains or blinds for south-facing windows. There are many interior designers that offer a fantastic selection to match your style.

5. Fan-tastic Solutions: Ceiling fans are your summer BFFs. Ensure they're rotating counter-clockwise to create a cooling breeze. While you're at it, stock up on some budget-friendly box fans for additional air circulation.

6. Pool Power: For the lucky ducks with pools, don't forget to open it up and get it sparkling clean! Schedule a professional cleaning or gather your pool-party crew for a fun (and productive!) pool prep day.

7. Fire Up the Grill: Houston summers are synonymous with BBQs! Give your grill a good scrub and check those propane tanks. Don't forget to stock up on your favorite grilling essentials – HEB always has a fantastic selection!

8. Pest Patrol: Keep those unwanted summer visitors at bay! Schedule a pest control treatment with a trusted Houston company to ensure a critter-free summer.

9. Let There Be Light!: Maximize natural light during the day by opening those curtains, and invest in some energy-efficient LED bulbs for the evenings.

10. Summer Spruce Up: Give your home a quick summer refresh! Declutter, rearrange furniture for better airflow, and add some summery pops of color with throw pillows, flowers, or artwork.

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